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* * * Along with the growth of Penarth, the town's commercial, industrial and service sectors have also developed and changed. However these sectors have had to face up to changes which have taken place in the way we all live, particularly in recent years.

Many of the larger industries associated with the development of the town, such as Penarth Docks, Cogan Brickyard (now Cogan Recreation Ground) and the cement works at Lower Penarth, closed many years ago. The redevelopment of Penarth Docks has seen the relocation of light industry previously located there, however this has made way for luxury housing developments.

The town centre continues to be a vibrant local shopping area, with a wide range of shops, although it has seen many changes brought about by the wider choice now available to the customer with easy access to out-of-town supermarkets and the shopping precincts of Cardiff. The opening of Tesco at Penarth Haven has clearly proved to be popular with customers however many argue that this is to the possible detriment of retail outlets in the town centre.

The town's proximity to Cardiff Bay, has attracted more visitors to the town, thus enhancing the local economy. The construction of the Penarth Head Link between the Esplanade and the Cardiff Bay Barrage will provide a pedestrian and cycle way link which is expected to increase Penarth's link to this attraction. The Cardiff Cats Water Bus is one of the new exciting attractions, in Penarth marina which runs from the marina to Mermaid Quay in Cardiff bay.



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